The project “Give For a Smile” begun as a way to show my children how to be kind to others. I  Adriana Jimenez, founder and CEO, together with my husband, decided to create an organization that could help the less fortunate families in our communities. Adriana came from Guadalajara México eleven years ago. She studied Psychology in ITESO and also possesses a master degree in finances from UNIVA. In addition to her education, she gained great experience in California working in the social service field for over 6 years. Was then when she saw the need for assistance our communities have and how scarce and hard it is for them to get high quality assistance. So on May 2011, Give For a Smile was founded, and even though the road at times has been hard and full of challenges, Give For a Smile is here to stay. Today we are servicing kids and families from many North West O.C. and So L.A. cities. Give For a Smile has and will always provide its services completely free of charge to anyone who may need it.

Thanks to everyone for your unconditional support
Adriana Jimenez

Our Covered CA enrollers are ready to serve you.We have assisting with medical all year around

Adriana Jimenez
Certified Educator/Outreach
Certification # 1000004951
Founder / CEO
Cell (714) 406-0384
ajimenez "@"

Julio Gallardo
Certification # 1000002455
Administrative Manager
Cell (714) 406-0351
jgallardo "@"

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